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Light in the Dark is a narrative resource management game where you play as the technician responsible for distributing energy to a damaged space station. Try to keep everyone alive until help arrives, or finish your research to leave behind a legacy.

Click one of three nodes to power them, but be mindful of the power at your disposal.

Team Lead, Writer - Riley Park
Writer, Artist - Anthony Cano
Artist - John C.
Art Adviser - Henry Nguyen
Programmer - Tony Reksoatmodjo
Programmer - Omar Halawa
Designer - James Bates
Producer - Ryan MacWhorter
Music - Chase Taylor
Sound and Voice - Johan Tan

With the Voice Talents of:
Anthony Cano as Eliot Hartman
Kiara Mendaros as Olivia Gibson
Ryan Ward as Guy Falk


Light in the Dark PC.zip 36 MB

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